HardWodder Woven Patch: Consistency Wins All Battles


The NEW HardWodder The Consistency Wins All Battles 2″x3″ Military Style Patch With Velcro Backing.

For all of you who put all you have into what you do, not just once in a while, but… every single day, knowing that over time the result and outcome you want will be yours in the long run. This one celebrates your commitment to the process, and your respect of the daily work required to move ahead. To each of you, wear this with pride on your plate carrier, tac hat, ruck, or sleeve with pride knowing your a living symbol of the power we as humans have to shape our lives.

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This Premium Quality Woven Patch features standard military 2″ x 3″ dimensions, highly detailed woven design, and hook and loop backing to attach to your gear both in the gym and in the field.

Consistency Wins All Battles, sits atop the HardWodder wordmark with the Fortes Fortuna Juvat tag below.


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