7th Annual Murph 2021 MURPH Women’s Tank In Deep Red On Natural


If we learned anything from 2020 it’s this: “You’re not here to survive this, you’re here to take charge of it.”

As you remember Red Wings and enjoy wearing The 7th Annual Murph Design, remember why we do what we do in the gym, in life, and inside our own heads. We’re here, not to be vicitms, but to take charge of our existence.

That’s what Michael Murphy did in an attempt to save his squad… we can bring that same determination to our own lives.

Mission Brief: On June 28, 2005, three of four SEALS on the ground (Murphy, Dietz, Axelson) were killed during combat operations in support of Operation Red Wings. On the same day, a QRF of eight Navy SEALs and 8 Army Night Stalkers were also killed when the MH-47 helicopter that they were aboard was shot down by enemy fire in the vicinity of Asadabad, Afghanistan in Kumar Province.

Lt. (SEAL) Michael Murphy was posthumously awarded the Medal Of Honor for his actions during Operation Red Wings. And, we remember his name…

Yet, Red Wings claimed 19 lives, they are commemorated, along with “Murph” on this years edition of the shirt you have to be in for the upcoming WOD this Memorial Day.

2021 Updates Include:
The Motto: “You’re not here to survive this, you’re here to take charge of it.”
The Sleeve Patch: Notes the original name of this WOD, “Body Armor”.
The SEAL Bone Frog Logo
The Ages Of Each Man KIA

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NOTE: Wear this item… not because you’re doing the workout, but because you know the story.



Quality soft blended fabrics are made of 52% poly and 48% viscose, 30 singles, 3.5 ounce fabric. This shirt laundered for reduced shrinkage. Wears well and performs well under load and abuse. Wears very lightly.

NOTE: Product Image Is Representative Only. Actual Product Is Hand Printed In The U.S. And Each Item Will Represent The Work Of A Human.

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The CrossFit®  WOD “Murph” Is:

1 Mile Run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Squats
1 Mile Run

RX this with a vest… men at 20lbs and woman at 14lbs.


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