HardWodder On The Gram 12.02.17

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anaïs Nin.

Yesterday was the start of a new month.

Today is the start of a new ongoing mission. An Expansion.

So we walk with courage through fear, and hold faith that the outcomes we want will be created.

We move toward what we want.

We move.

Today we start with 0 seminars done… and a target to reach millions as we do new events each month.

Today, we begin our monthly seminar series designed to provide value to the people in our community and beyond.

The focus is building exceptional humans.

Offering information and techniques that will help you grow physically, mentally, and spiritually… This is the mission at HardWodder.

Health and wellness is mastery of all 3 domains, not solely the physical.

It’s easy to see a fit body and assume that person has it all figured out… however, that is seldom the case.

The physical body allows us to interact with our surroundings, our mentality shapes how we interpret our experiences, and our spirituality governs how we see ourselves in the grand scheme.

Mastery of one, is mastery of none.

Today we start with the physical: @ckcrossfitfsi will be teaching and training at @xfitnorthphoenix at 11am on building a strong, pain free back.

You’ll get tips and methods that you can use and as coaches and trainers bring back to your squad.


Join the movement and help us build exceptional humans. All are welcome. Only the committed will participate.

This is your invitation.
Gear up ★ https://hardwodder.com .
Wise up ★ https://dothehardthing.net .

Remember: There is #norestfortheworthy

Choose to move. Choose growth. Choose daily.

Gear up ★ https://hardwodder.com .
Wise up ★ https://dothehardthing.net .

Photo taken at: HardWodder HQ

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