HardWodder On The Gram 12.04.17

#HardTruth .
“Risk anything! Care no more for the opinion of others … Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth.” – Katherine Mansfield.

Monday is here. The first full week of December is in full swing… are you?.
As the end of 2017 approaches I realize more and more how quickly this life passes, how short our time here is to make a contribution and create the life I want for myself and my family.


It’s fleeting.

Ever moving and limited.

So, I have to Do The Hard Thing and ACT on each thing I want to create daily if I am to capitalize on my time.

I have to act… or I will be acted upon.

Some of you reading this have been acted upon your entire lives… whether it was parents, friends, or people you looked to for advice.

You allowed them to shape your life rather than listening to your own voice.

You discounted your own words in favor of those of others.


The only words that matter are the ones that come from inside you. Your true self. The real you that you’ve suppressed all this time.

What the fuck do you want?. Take a step toward that thing today.

ACT… or you will forever be ACTED upon.

What will you use your power to act on today? It’s up to you to move you.

Remember: There is #norestfortheworthy.

It’s be. do. have… in that order. Who will you be today?


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