HardWodder On The Gram 08.12.17

Some days… the hardest thing to do is to recognize the beauty and opportunity in which we live.

This waterfall is in the park that I walk every morning on my 2 mile trek.

This 63 acre park is home to every sport you can imagine, a water park, a train, gym, tennis courts, volleyball, even bocce ball and a skate park… for Christ’s sake.

In the past I have walked there, worked out there, and swam there one time… I have barely scratched the surface of the experiences I could enjoy there… So, fishing there is up next.

What about You?. See any opportunities right under your nose that you haven’t taken advantage of? Yes? Then take advantage of them.

All movement to positive experience requires a physical change. You move different, eat different, or take in different information… for no other reason than you want to make your future bigger than your past.

You die when your past is your frame of reference… when you contract as a person. When you walk around dead eyed and in a trance because you CHOSE to stop growing.

Don’t let putting you in the ground be just a formality.

Renew yourself.


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Photo taken at: HardWodder HQ

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