HardWodder On The Gram 08.22.17

“Take care of your physique. It’s the one place it’s a must to reside.” – Jim Rohn.

You are a trinity of mind, body, and spirit.

Neglecting any one of these is dangerous, yet neglecting your physical body is heinous.

It is the temple you experience the world in… and without it, you are quite literally nothing.

There is a reason you turn your head when you see a person who cares for themselves… You may think you find them attractive… however, if you get quiet and think on it, you may find that there is a part of you that respects the tremendous commitment to excellent and hard work that you lack the drive to consistently maintain.

They do something you won’t. And that is reflected back every time you look at them.

Choose to move. Choose growth. It’s that simple.


And, no matter where you are… think, move, and connect today.


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