HardWodder On The Gram 08.25.17

#HardTruth “You know how you get in shape? You don’t worry about how many reps some other mother fucker is doing… you worry about how many reps you’re fucking doing!” – Andy Frisella.

With all the noise and lies seen all over social and other forms of media, how much do you allow it to run you, to determine your m.o. throughout the day.

How deep does your “comparison sickness” go… does it paralyze you when you see your competition doing something well or do you put your head down and focus on you.

Having the ability to focus on you is paramount in creating your results. No one else.

We live in a world where there is a constant desire to subsidize failure, where we are cushioned from our own results with pretty words and government programs.

The gym is one of the last purely results based places in your life. Don’t corrupt that purity by looking outward. Stay in your power. Stay centered in you and watch your results grow.


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