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DTHT | Episode 3 – Entrepreneurs: Why Bother With It?. Today’s podcast goes out to all the entrepreneurs… Everyone putting their skin in the game, cash on the line, and choosing into the game of business and development. Those who take extraordinary risks to bring ideas and services to life that few have the audacity to pursue. This one is for all of you who Bother With It.

Most of the time, when you begin something new, something different or out of the ordinary for yourself… you’ll face all kinds of questions and challenges.

And many people are shocked to learn that the most ardent challengers tend to be those who are closest in terms of relationship or friendship.

We tend to think of those closest to us as the ones who are SUPPOSE TO always be supportive and have our backs when it comes to doing hard things, or making big changes in the way we act or show up in the world because that is the very definition of family and friends, right?. That is what we were taught growing up and what we expected as we got older and went off into the world for ourselves.

Yet, if you’ve put yourself in the position of seeking growth in your relationships, your business, or your being… You’ve no doubt been placed in the line of fire of many questions and comments from those in your existing circle who may not understand why it is you want to do what it is you are setting out to achieve.

And usually, the questions and comments come down to one singular idea: “WHY BOTHER WITH IT?”. Hear the newest episode at https://dothehardthing.net .

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