HardWodder On The Gram 10.27.17

“The cost of discipline is less than the cost of neglect” – Jason Archer.

If you want you get up early, you have to get to bed early. “No shit”, you say… thanks for the inciteful tip in your most sarcastic know it all voice.

Cool your jets, Starscream.

There is a point to be considered here.

And that is this: anything you neglect today becomes part of the pile you have to face tomorrow.
Yep. If 6am is your target and your up now at 8am, the you’ve successfully fucked yourself for the coming day.

You either have 2 hours less time to get shit done, or you have to cram, or you go to bed later to regain those lost hours… which will mean less sleep going into the next 6am morning.

Everything sets the stage for the next thing.

And that which you neglect has a ripple effect on your productivity, your well being, or both.

At some point, the piper will get paid.

All the stuff that has been neglected and pushed into the future has a negative impact on your outlook. You feel heavy. Overwhelmed.

You can dismantle that feeling with discipline. Do your workouts before you lose your body, take your woman on a date before she feels neglected, pay those bills before they pile up.

Stay on top and you will be lighter and freer.

Remember: There is #norestfortheworthy

Choose to move. Choose growth. Choose to the #daily.


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Photo taken at: CrossFit North Phoenix

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