HardWodder On The Gram 10.29.17

#HardTruth. “Never quit on your dream, but learn to cut your losses and quit your plan if it is not working.” – Ken Poirot.

I’m about to be homeless and it’s all my fault. I have to be out of my current home and the new home is no where near ready for living.

It’s my fault because I ignored the results that were being created… I overlooked busted deadlines and the guys simply being overwhelmed.

I ignored one of life’s cardinal rules: To cut losses short.

You hear this phrase a lot in the investment world… cut your losses quickly and let your winners run.

The same hold true for other aspects of life and healt as well, because everyday is an investment. You are always investing your time and resources somewhere.

The only question is where.

My answer to that question should have been: In results producing activities.

However, I did not. And I realize the times I experience the most frustration are times when I am not basing my routine, my workouts, my diet, or my interactions on quality results.

So my question for you today is this: Where in your life are you investing repeatedly in poor results? When you identify that area… Do something different.


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