HardWodder On The Gram 11.01.17

“I don’t care how many… I care how deeply.” – Jason Archer.

This thought crystallized for me as I was listing to @andyfrisella rail against the fakery happening on Instagram.

It’s time to send a fuck you to the lack of integrity, the lack of authenticity and all the shiny happy people posting selfies who wouldn’t smile in real life if you paid off their house.

The point is it’s about seeking likeminded people to engage and build a community around. Not numbers.

And, the message here is never dumbed down to make it more palatable to attract less interested people.

The message is work hard on you, be consistent with you, and to hell with virtue signaling and victimhood. That is the essence of HardWodder.

Get busy building the business of you… and send a mighty heartfelt “fuck you” to the detractors and naysayers and the number seekers.

They aren’t doing anything they won’t be doing 10 years from now with even less efficacy.

As for me… I have a vision to fulfill and you’re welcome come as a supporter or stand aside and watch.

Either way, I move me and sew my own future with those I have deep connection.

I wish that same gift to you.

Remember: There is #norestfortheworthy

Choose to move. Choose growth. Choose daily.


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Photo taken at: HardWodder HQ

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