HardWodder On The Gram 11.02.17

#HardTruth. “I can show you many who have lacked, not a friend, but friendship; this however can not happen when souls are drawn together by identical inclinations into a an alliance of honorable desires” – Seneca.

People have lost sight of what friendship is… this idea that friendship is always getting along, always agreeing, or never experiencing any dissent is a lie.

That is not friendship.

Maybe you need someone to tell you the truth about the shitty state of affairs your in.

Maybe you need someone to kick your ass and tell you to get to the gym.

Not because they don’t care for you, but because they DO… and want you to be your best self.

That benefits everyone.

When you shine… you light up everyone around you. You elevate. You drive out darkness.

Be that kind of friend.

Be someone who brings real value to your relationships.

My question for you today is this: Do you have the sack to collide with those you care about? Do you have the courage to be unpopular for an hour in exchange for a lifetime of deeper connection when the dust settles?


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