HardWodder On The Gram 11.14.17

#HardTruth .
“If you don’t give up, you still have a chance. Giving up is the greatest failure.” – Jack Ma.

It’s about GRIT.

You will not hit your goal today.

If you do, it wasn’t really a goal but a task. There is a difference.

Each morning when you wake you have an opportunity to #wintheday to take a step toward what you want in the grand scheme of things toward your goals.

Each morning is an opportunity be a winner. You win by completing your routine. A routine that makes you more lethal, fit, smart, and valuable.

For me it’s excercise, reading, journaling, creating content, feeding those in my circle, meditation, visualization, and eating green first.

For you it may be different.

As long as it moves you toward what you want it’s a good thing and you win with you #dothehardthing of completing it each day.

Remember: There is #norestfortheworthy.

It’s be. do. have… in that order. Who will you be today?


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