HardWodder On The Gram 11.28.17

“Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat.”
– Ann Landers.

Yes, that’s an Ann Landers quote. She was a badass knew what it meant to WORK.

Some of you fuckers out there are “Mailing It In” and forgetting the last bit of 2017.

Back in 1913 when the income tax was started (that’s right, income tax was not always a thing) it is rumored that Postmaster Herbert T. Slaquer was one of the first to be accused of not paying.

When confronted, he declared “the check is in the mail”… and his check was in fact in the mail. He had mailed it 3rd class and it arrived 7 months late.

He single handedly defined what it meant to be a slacker, to “mail it in”, to give little effort toward an outcome.

The phrase stuck.
And here we are going into December with people already talking about how little they will get done, how much they plan eat, and dreading how much debt they will acquire going into the new year.

News flash: you can do better.

You can eat well.

You can work hard.

You can budget your money wisely.

It’s a fucking choice. And best of all you can shine brightly among your peers and competitors just by doing the WORK they are unwilling to do.

Honor the WORK… and it will come back to you 10 fold over time if you are consistent. Period.

Your year is not over. Remember that and move past those who have already quit on 2017.

Remember: there is #norestfortheworthy

Be. Do. Have… In that order.


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